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Why IronBuddha?

This name I have adopted has many factors and meanings. I feel that through Buddha's iron will he was able to overcome all anger, greed and delusion, and achieve the blissful state of Nirvana. Yet this explanation is only one of many.

What is the significance of the IronBuddha?

The Chinese believe that there are five elements of nature.
iron (metal), earth, water, wood, fire:

    The IronBuddha is not only one with all sentient beings, but all elements of nature. In seeking the way of nature there is only harmony and balance.
    Yet, through the precious view of emptiness we realize that all this life is just an illusion. We have much to learn here, because this world or "mundane reality" can teach us. However, make no mistake, this world and everything in it is Samsara. (Sanskrit term for endless wheel of delusion, anger, greed, selfish desire, ect). Only through the Great One's Dharma can we break out of this endless chain of self -existence. Then truly realize through our fully awakened senses "absolute reality"...or Nirvana!
    The IronBuddha has weathered the storms, trials and tribulations of this life. As steadfast as he may seem..all is subject to decay, all is impermanent. Eventually even the IronBuddha will rust, breakdown and return to his elemental form. Thus completing the cycle...Iron (metal) to rust (earth)..mixing with rain (water) ... giving birth to tree (wood)..getting struck by lightening (fire)...this fire is used to forge ore back into iron.

With  compassion always,