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IronBuddha Publishing Inc
About Us

We are a web-based primarily Buddhist publishing corporation developed to further enlighten the general public about the treasure that Buddhism holds in store for the world today.

Thank you for all the hits I've received. I was delighted to find people browsing.
Additionally, I have a page of links to my favorite sites that I will be adding soon.
Feel free to go to, to view some of my answers to questions I've received.

My Philosophy

Here, we might include a brief statement about our objectives and why we run our business the way we do. For example:

Our business is dedicated to the production of a good quality, inexpensive product that will improve the lives of our customers.

Our Company

We'll include information about our business here. If we're running a small family business, for example, we might include personal information about how we became interested in our product or service and what it's like to be small business owners. Or, if our business is larger, we might talk about our company's founders and its history.

Our Employees

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Here we'll talk about the valued members of our company who help to ensure our business is the best it can be. For example, we might feature a picture of our employee of the month:


Buddha - attaining the Enlightenment we all seek