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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on at our Cyber Temple.

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Thank you for looking at my site. I will be trying to update it more. It feels good to have a few minutes to return here again. I've got some pictures and some great book lists I'd like to share. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Hello Folks,

Wow! Its been quite a while since I've updated the site. I hate to say that I missed the last Orlando Buddhist Meetup held on 2 March. I think it was a bad tuna fish sandwich that did me in. I was very bad off for almost 3 days, thought I'd end up in the hospital. Luckily, I'm feeling much better, and will be able to make it to my Jacksonville Buddhist Meetup group tomorrow. If you get a chance please check out either site on www.meetup.com. Just search for Buddhist groups in your area. Take care all.




My Friends,
I'd like to share this text which has it's origins in the Buddhism of Sri Lanka with the victims of the Tsunami in mind:
  How to develop complete Harmlessness & infinite Friendliness:
The Brahma-Viharas -  Free as a gift of Dhamma supreme
There, O friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of friendly
loving-kindness is pervading first one direction, then a second one, then a third one, then the fourth one, & as below so above, across & all around, everywhere identifying himself with all sentient beings, he is encompassing the whole world with a mind full of friendly loving-kindness, with a mind wide, developed, unbounded, cleared, exalted, pure & bright, freed & released from any hate and all ill will ...   
  There, O friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of understanding, pity & compassion is pervading first the front, then the right side, then the back, then the left side,  as below so above, across & all around, all over, far & wide; identifying himself with all sentient beings, he is perfusing the whole universe with a mind imbued with emphatic compassion, with a spacious mind, a refined mind, infinite, cleared, pure & brilliant, freed & released from all anger and any enmity ...
 There, O friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of altruistic sympathetic joy is pervading first the North, then the East, then the South, then the West, as below so above, across & all around, universally, infinitely; identifying himself with all sentient beings, he is suffusing all galaxies with a mind full of genuine mutual & altruistic sympathetic joy, rejoicing in the success of all other beings, with an open mind, vast, limitless, purified, cleared, pure & shining, freed & released from all aversion and any bitterness ...
 There, O friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of balanced equanimity is pervading first the frontal quadrant, then the right, then the rear & then the left quadrant, as below so above, across & all around; and everywhere identifying himself with all sentient beings, he is permeating the whole world with a mind satiated by balanced equanimity, calmed, with a mountain-like mind, cultivated, endless, cleared, pure & dazzling, freed & released from all irritation, any agitation and even subtle resentment ...
 This device should be contemplated & emulated daily as it is the supreme medicine against all Hate, Hostility, Anger, Indignation, Wrath, Cruelty, Brutality, Violence, Irritation, Ill Will, Resentment, Bitterness, Opposition, Conservatism, Mental Rigidity & Stubbornness !
 Then one day, we might sleep with the doors open & dance with the children in our arms ...
Friendship is the Greatest !
With Compassion,

Please check out the new "Meet up" link on my Dharma links page.

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"Form here is only emptiness...emptiness only form. Form is no other than emptiness...emptiness, no other than form"