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The Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, also referred to as the Triple Gem, are the supreme refuge of all Buddhists universally.
Buddhism is the most profound and wholesome education directed by the Buddha towards all people. Five precepts are the curriculum of Buddhist teaching, which are embraced in the moral code of Buddhism. By observing precepts, not only do you cultivate your moral strength, but you also perform the highest service to your fellow beings. The Five Precepts are: 

One must refrain from being selfishly attached to the act of:
1. harming living creatures (killing)
2. taking what is not given (stealing)
3. indulging in sexual misconduct (sex with married or betroved persons, or persons under age)
4. speaking falsehoods (lying) 
5. taking strong drink or drugs that may cloud the mind (if this is not followed closely, it can lead to inability to keep the other 4 precepts) 

"We are made impure not by what we do, but by what we think."