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Buddha -Tao postings

Some postings from the "Tao Buddha Temple" site on one of my Yahoo groups.


My Friends,

Look at the world today. Not with your mind of judgment and prejudice. Open your eyes to the pure view of the righteous path. Align your precious view with that of the eternal Tao. Know in your heart that your path is here and now, to help those that are suffering. Know the karmic reaction to each act of kindness. Keep in mind the retribution for harshness. Karma and Tao are both self-leveling principles. Meditate on expanding your heart to know the pain of too much love and too much hate. Remember always those that are less fortunate than you, and strive to help. Be at one with all things, and seek peace always, above all else.

The flowering gift of liberation is right around the next turn for you, and all sentient beings.

With great Compassion,



"How can I tell that you are an enlightened person?" asked Sela the brahman of the Buddha.

"I know what should be known," answered the Buddha, "and what should be cultivated, I have cultivated. What should be abandoned, I have let go, In this way, O brahman, I am awake."

If you are an MSN member, this is a good discussion group that needs your help. Please give it a look.